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Qari Yusuf Noorbhai (ra) In His Own Words –

“The death of a scholar is a wound inflicted to Islam.”

Read this interview of the late Veteran South African Qari as he delineates his journey to mastery of the exalted art of Tajweed.

Notable student of Shaykh Husari, he emphasises that the Huffadh in Ramadan should resist the public pressure of scrambling with the Words of Allah to get off as quickly as possible with it as they lead Taraweeh.

He then warns of the arrogance and pride that creeps into the hearts of the more experienced Huffadh who long to give correction to the more fragile ones leading the prayer.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Salah –


Do you know what caught my attention..?

Till it has become colloquial to say “Read Salah”, or “Read Namaz”. As if it’s like sweeping a garden; “no matter how you do it, as long as there’s no leaves left”.

For many of us, Namaz has become like a checklist—”you cross it as you go”.

Attention Residue.

We talk about how to speak your Salah using the Arabic words in our Tajweed course. Better yet, how to use the Arabic to prevent yourself from digressing into random thoughts, if you can relate.

You’ll never get the full benefits of Namaz if you’re not speaking the words as you read them.