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Witness the history of one of the most beautiful civilisations in al-Andaluse. How Islam entered and spread in Europe. A dominion that lasted more than 750 years.

Experience diversity of ideas and religions. Architectural ingenuity, agriculture. Scientific advances which would take great cities like London and Paris hundreds of years before catching up.

But after the demise of the key figure Abdul Rahman al-Dakhil, corruption started to set in. Division over insignificant matters. Greed and avarice. Civil wars. Which weakened their ability to resist systematic incisions by the Catholics, who then ripped apart entire strata of the Ummah. Women were raped and libraries were burnt.

A tale of treachery, broken promises, and abandonment of the Sunnah, leading to the downfall of the once monumental nation into losing what was most valuable to them; their faith. Forced conversions or being burnt alive, to eventually genocide, wiping all Muslims out of what had once been their homeland.

Precious lessons and insights into how corruption settles through the generations from what starts as a brave and righteous leader to a fragile and corrupt ruler. A parallel into how your children, how no child including yours can be spared of

Publisher: Al-Maghrib Institute
Course type: Online course and seminar
Availability: Biennially, but I'm not sure myself. The course is advertised mainly to email subscribers. It's easy to become an email subscriber; simply go here and register or create an account on their website by trying to log in.
E-book: Behind the Vault; a comprehensive course outline well-worth the download.