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What we ask

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Jury System

The General Secretariat of the Quranic competitions has always used the experts of reading sciences to develop the rules governing arbitral matters, which regulate the arbitration process and regulate its rules accurately and regularly. It also contributes to the achievement of justice among the contestants of different branches and levels. In accordance with the rules and regulations governing the conduct of the competition in strict standards that ensure justice, God willing, between the contestants, and organized as follows:

1. Number of questions assigned to each branch as follows:
A - sections [Categories] I and II (5) questions, and increases in the first section questions [of] the vocabulary interpretation of the Holy Quran in full.
B. Section III (4) Questions.
C. Section IV (3) Questions.

2. Adheres to the pre-prepared questions starting and ending. Each question is assigned to a full face of 15 lines according to the Holy Quran of Medina.

3. Opens on the rider [reader, I think] if he makes mistakes in the memorization, or falls into a clear melody;

4. If the contestant makes a mistake in the memorization, he [it] will be alerted to him at the first time, and a half-degree will be deducted from him. If he does not correct him[self], he will be warned at the second time and he will be given a half-degree. .

5. If you open on the rider starting without warning, as if he stopped reading, two degrees are deducted from him; each opening has two degrees, whether he has previously alerted the original, preceded one alarm, or started without warning, if he stops reading.

6. If the reader corrects his mistake before he is alerted to him, or if the alert is in sync with the warning, nothing will be decided from him.

7. If the contestant makes a mistake immediately after the beginning of the question, even if one word is treated like the other questions in terms of alert and opening.

8. Every error in the Tajweed is halved. If the same error is repeated, the deduction is repeated with the same number of error times.

9. If the contestant is asked to read from the first sura that is named, the contestant must know it himself, and in case of error, open it and determine the degree of error in the memorization.

10. If the contestant fails to read the Basmalah at the beginning of the sura, he will pay attention to it and nothing will be decided.

11. If the contestant makes mistakes in the tajweed and is well versed in his mistake and corrects him immediately, nothing will be decided from him.

12. If the contestant makes mistakes in memorizing and warning, then he must return to observe the provisions of Tajweed, otherwise he will have to make up for it in his sin that he caused in the return.

13. Each contestant's judgment shall give the rank he deserves in each of the fields of the contestant's form a number and in writing.

14. The contestant shall be relieved in the amount of questions if three of the members of the jury agree, including the president, on his weakness.

15. The average score of the referees is the level obtained by the contestant. [Hey, a correct sentence! Very good!]

16. The contestants shall be informed of the necessary rules to be observed by the referees in setting the grades on the first day at the start of the contest activities in a concise manner.

17. The fields of the applicant's fields in each of the branches of the competition are as follows:

Section Interpretation Save Recitation Tajweed

the first 20 50 10 20

The second 00 70 10 20

the third 00 70 10 20

the fourth 00 70 10 20

18. For each branch, the winner of the first and second prizes must receive a minimum of 90% and the third winner must receive a minimum of 85% for all branches. 

19. If two finalists are equal in the final grade after the review, the prize shall be divided equally between them. Each of them shall have the same status bis. 

20. The committee shall maintain the confidentiality of the contestants' grades and not announce the result before its time.